An Unspoken Voice

Ever since i have been to you,
You keep on telling your stories,
Of nothing demanding, but letting me to decode you,
Your sound never matches my pattern,
Your sound never cry,
Your sound never crack,
Your silence is your nature.

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Justice & Wrong

Amoral believes happen

As we do not have equal values

Between people and societies

And leave unattended

Laws are established

                                                            Punishment imposed

Inflicts lawful sanction,

Which guards our lives from endangers,

Results enriching prosperity

Wrongs has no indistinctness

But enunciated for the humanity

For our protection and wellbeing

But some wrongs defined amorphously

Wrongs stand universal

Differ in societies

Among tribes, regions, and continents

Anyway wrongs are wrongs

Never see whoever breached, who never breach

Laws see us equally in dispute and in amity

Laws are blind to see us

Just thought of writing a free stuff. Nothing in the mind, a free writing. Some times it’s easy to make a poem, and more easy to make lines on the above pattern. Free style is always free, with not boundaries, with no limitations. 

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My First Fibonacci Poem

I’m really not an expert in literature, no did i studied literature. However, i had tried to make a poem on the classical style. I did it. It was the third poem i have ever written. I have lost the first two poems.

After sometime, when i go in to the wordpress’s freshly pressed, i came to know a new type of poem-though i don’t know all the types of poems. It’s the Fibonacci Poem.

The blog post says that it was firstly established by the screenwriter Gregory K. Pincus.

Here’s my first Fibonacci Poem.

My First Fib



play your

heart deeply,

and, passionately.

Thank You.

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Corrupt Mind

Borne with natural justice,

Have deviated from natural practice,

Tried to make self-natural,

But punished by amoral

Torn-Values dominating distain,

Have departed to an unconscious detain,

We are not more than being stupefied,

But punished by wrongs already specified

Sworn, to comply all rules

Have obligations and rights

Being accepted for common good

But swayed to an undesirable stood

Mourn, every day and night,

Have no way to escape from madness,

Being trapped everywhere,

But we don’t presume to happen anywhere

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